Amdro Quick Kill® Carpenter Bee, Ant & Termite Killer RTU

Amdro Quick Kill Carpenter Bee, Ant & Termite Killer Ready to Use protects your home, deck and other wood structures from wood-infesting insects. Even better, it also prevents new infestations. Simply set up the trigger sprayer and apply product on wood surfaces. This product works fast and lasts up to 3-months outdoors and up to 12-months indoors.

  • Kills fast and lasts up to 3 months
  • Up to 12 months control indoors
  • Kills damaging listed insects & prevents new infestations
  • Protects your home, deck & other wood structures from listed wood-destroying insects
  • No odor, non-staining formula


Carpenter bees, Carpenter ants, and Termites

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Apply early in the season or when insects appear
For residential indoor and outdoor uses
Turn sprayer nozzle to “on” position. Squeeze trigger to spray until surface is slightly moist but not to the point of runoff.


Do carpenter bees take the active ingredient back to the hive to kill the queen & the colony?
No, Amdro Quick Kill® Carpenter Bee, Ant & Termite Killer Ready-to-Use is a contact killer and not a bait treatment. Please use as a spot or crack and crevice treatment to localized areas where pests are seen or suspected only. Spot treat surfaces until visibly wet. Apply to listed pests directly, whenever possible.

Can this product be used in a fogger machine?
No. If you prefer mixing your own product, you can use the Amdro Quick Kill Carpenter Bee, Ant & Termite Killer Concentrate with a tank sprayer.

Can this product be used around pets and children?
No, children and pets can re-enter the treated area after the product has dried.

Is this product safe for use on plants?
This product is intended for use as a perimeter treatment only.

Should I directly spray the carpenter bees?
Yes, this product works on direct contact with carpenter bees. Always follow directions on the product label.


Acrobat ants, Argentine ants, bigheaded ants, carpenter ants, cornfield ants, crazy ants, field ants, ghost ants, false honey ants, little black ants, odorous house ants, pavement ants, pyramid ants, thief ants, and velvety tree ants, cockroaches, crickets, silverfish, spiders, carpenter ants, carpenter bees and termites.