Often mistaken for grasshoppers, crickets have large hind legs designed for jumping and long, slender antennae to match. Grasshoppers also have large hind legs, but theirs pair with short antennae. Common crickets grow 1/2 to 1 inch long — smaller than many grasshoppers — and range in color from yellow-brown to black. Most crickets familiar to U.S. homeowners fall into two main categories:

  • House crickets – Light golden brown to medium brown, house crickets can live indoors year-round. They typically grow up to 3/4 inch long and include the crickets grown to feed pet reptiles.
  • Field crickets – These shiny black or black-brown insects grow about 1 inch long. They have strong hind legs, well-developed wings and may feed on ornamental plants when their numbers grow.


Crickets are nighttime creatures that hide during daylight hours. But when night falls, their chirping noises give them away. Though they feed on plants, fabrics and paper products, their damage blends in with that of other insect pests. Unless your damage comes with nightly chirping — mating calls made by male crickets' wings — crickets probably aren't to blame.


Crickets congregate around homes and outdoor lights, especially during mating times. When cracks and crevices exist in foundations, crickets seek out the warm, dark spaces inside. Effective cricket control involves sealing foundation cracks and stopping crickets in their tracks outdoors. Amdro® brand offers several products to help you kill noisy crickets and enjoy a quiet home:

  • Amdro Quick Kill® Lawn Insect Killer Granules II, applied with a standard lawn spreader, kill crickets within 24 hours and keep working for up to three months. Apply the ready-to-use granules to lawn and landscape areas, then water the areas lightly for maximum results.
  • Amdro Quick Kill Home Perimeter Insect Killer Granules simplify treating the area directly around your home. Use the convenient shaker container to create a perimeter of protection. The easy-to-use granules kill crickets by contact and keep killing pests for up to three months.
  • Amdro Quick Kill Outdoor Insect Killer, available in ready-to-spray and concentrate formulas, works in minutes to kill crickets and other listed pests by contact and keeps working for up to three months.* These liquid formulations treat foundations up to 3 feet in height as well as lawns, landscapes and flower gardens.


Nighttime lighting lures crickets to homes. Replace outdoor bulbs with yellow "bug lights" to diminish the draw. When treating outdoor areas, give special attention to areas with outdoor lighting that crickets will gather around.

*Except fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes

Always read product labels and follow the instructions carefully.
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