Yellow jackets comprise a group of several wasp species known by their bright yellow-and-black bodies and aggressive behavior. These pests grow up to 1/2 inch long, with markings that vary according to species. Their yellow-and-black body patterns include triangles, spots and varied bands. Unlike fuzz-covered honeybees, yellow jackets have shiny, nearly hairless bodies.

Aggression toward humans and pets is a primary identifier that distinguishes yellow jackets from their fellow wasps. These pests plague picnics and other outdoor gatherings, harassing guests and feeding on drinks, meats, sweets and almost any food available. Unlike honeybees, yellow jackets can — and often do — sting repeatedly when disturbed.


Depending on the species, yellow jackets build their papery nests in many different places. Sometimes, the first sign of their presence is a small papery comb built surprisingly close to doorways and outdoor entertainment areas. Other times, you may discover a small hole in your lawn that leads to an underground nest.

When openings into walls and attics exist, you may see yellow jackets ducking in and out of a structure. They're known to build massive nests in wall voids to accommodate large colonies. In all cases, interactions with humans trigger hostile responses.


Effective, successful yellow jacket control involves treating these pests and staying sting-free. Yellow jacket activity and aggression peak during midday hours. Treatments during morning and evening hours can reduce the likelihood of yellow jacket encounters and stings. Amdro brand offers several options to kill yellow jackets and protect your home and family:

  • Amdro Quick Kill Outdoor Insect Killer Ready to Spray kills yellow jackets by contact. Then it keeps protecting for up to three months. Attach the ready-to-spray container to your garden hose and it measures and mixes automatically. Treat lawn, plant surfaces, and your home's foundation up to a height of 3 feet.
  • Amdro Quick Kill Outdoor Insect Killer Concentrate, with a convenient measuring cap, kills yellow jackets by contact and protects against these stinging pests for up to three months. Dilute the product in a pump-style sprayer according to label instructions. Treat lawns, landscapes and home foundations up to a height of 3 feet.


If you suspect a yellow jacket colony has moved into your home, consult a pest professional. Colonies can contain tens of thousands of yellow jackets that can sting repeatedly and signal others to join in.

Always read product labels and follow the instructions carefully.

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