Amdro® Ant Killer Bait Stations

Use Amdro Ant Killer Bait Stations year round for consistent control of ants.* Each package contains 4 bait stations that contain food sources that attract a variety of ant* species. That means you can kill both sweet-eating and grease-eating ants* with one easy to use product. Amdro Ant Killer Bait Stations contain a bait formula that attracts foraging ants* seeking food for their colony. They take the bait back home to share. Once the queen and other ants* eat it, the colony is destroyed. Some ants* die in hours. Larger colonies may take a week or longer. Kill ants* the proven way with Amdro.

  • GUARD YOUR HOME FROM INVASION BY ANTS* all year long with Amdro Ant Killer Bait Stations. For continuing protection against ants*, replace every 3 to 6 months, or sooner if empty.
  • COLONY CONTROL* STARTS WITH BAIT. This product attracts and kills a variety of ant* species
  • UNIQUE DUAL ACTION KILLING FORMULA starts working immediately. These easy-to-use bait stations contain food that attract and kill sweet and grease eating ants.*
  • READY-TO-USE, PRE-FILLED BAIT STATIONS include adhesive strips to affix stations to cabinets, floors, & walls.
  • USE WHEN ANTS* FIRST APPEAR. For best results, apply with pre-cut hole facing up.
  • A TRUSTED PARTNER IN PEST CONTROL SINCE 1980. Count on Amdro for highly effective solutions to your pest control needs.
*excludes carpenter ants, fire, harvester and Pharaoh ants.


Kills a variety of ant species (excluding carpenter ants, fire ants, harvester ants and Pharaoh ants).

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Treat when ants* first appear. For consistent, year-round control, replace bait stations every three to six months — or sooner if empty.
Indoors: Place under sinks, on counters, behind appliances and along ant* trails.
For best results, place the ready-to-use bait stations near ant* trails, but not directly in the ants' path. Keep the pre-cut hole facing up, so ants can access the bait.


Do I need to do anything to activate the bait stations?
No, the bait stations are already configured for immediate use. No need to activate the bait such as piercing the gel or plastic for it to work. Simply remove the product from the box and place along ant trails and in areas where ants are seen.

How do you know when the bait station is empty and needs to be replaced?
We recommend replacing indoor bait stations after 3 months of use and outdoor bait stations after 6 weeks of use. However, you can also take a peek inside the holes on the bait station to see if there is a yellow gel-like substance in it. If the substance is no longer there, you know it is empty and needs to be replaced with a new bait station.

Can I place the bait stations in my yard or in an area near my dog?
We do not recommend placing the bait stations in areas easily accessible by children or pets.

How long does it take for the product to work?
Amdro Ant Killing Bait Stations start to work immediately; however, it also depends on the size of the colony. Smaller colonies can die in hours, whereas larger colonies may take up to a week or a little longer to die. Ants need to take the bait back to the colony to share with other worker ants and the queen. Once the queen eats it, she is no longer able to reproduce which causes the whole mound to cease and die.

Can I use this product in a potted plant?
Yes, this product can be used in potted plants.


Kills a variety of ant species (excluding carpenter ants, fire ants, harvester ants and Pharaoh ants).