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Amdro Gopher Trap

Effectively control lawn-damaging pocket gophers with Amdro Gopher Trap. No poison, no chemicals, no gophers. Guaranteed to work or your money back.

  • Baitless trap controls gophers without poison or chemicals
  • Use in underground burrows and tunnels for pest control
  • Chemical free, safe for lawns

What it Controls

Pocket Gophers

When To Use

Use when gopher damage is spotted

Where To Use

Lawns, flower and ornamental gardens, and fruit and vegetable gardens

How To Use

Read and follow label directions on the back of package.


Where do I set the trap?
We recommend that the trap be inserted into the gopher tunnel. Hold the trap by the spring and insert it into the tunnel prongs first.

What's the difference between this trap and the AmdroMole and Gopher Tunnel Trap?
The difference between the two traps is that the Amdro Wire Gopher Trap is meant to catch smaller animal pests such as pocket gophers compared to the Amdro Mole and Gopher Tunnel Trap.

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Pocket Gophers

Product Labels & SDS

Product Labels & SDS

Amdro Gopher Trap Label