Amdro Kills Ants Liquid Ant Bait Stations


Protect your home with these easy-to-use ant bait stations. This product kills the ants you see and the ants you don't see. They can be used indoors or outdoors in ornamental gardens or flowerbeds. Guaranteed to work or your money back.

  • This product kills common household ants including acrobat, argentine, big-headed, ghost, cornfield, crazy, little black, odorous house, pavement, white-footed, and other sweet-eating ants
  • For use in and around homes
  • No drips, spills or mess

Acrobat ants, Argentine ants, Bigheaded ants, Cornfield ants, Crazy ants, Ghost ants, Little Black ants, Odorous house ants, Pavement ants, White-Footed ants, and other sweet-eating ants

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Treat when ants first appear and replace stations every 3 months to control any newly invading ant colonies

Outdoors: Place bait stations in areas where ants are seen near cracks, crevices, or other areas around the home where ants may gain entry.

Indoors: Place bait stations next to the wall along baseboards, in corners, under sinks, in cabinets, and near plumbing fixtures.

Always place stations in areas inaccessible to children, pets, and other nontarget animals.

Holding ant station level, with removable plug facing up, remove the plug to activate. Next, keep the opening facing upwards and place ant station on flat surface.


Does the bait evaporate?
The Amdro Kills Ants™ Liquid Ant Bait Stations should not evaporate. The product will last for 3 months.

Do you have to pierce the top of the bait station for ants to access the bait?
There's a small rubber plug that needs to be pulled out so that ants can access the liquid bait inside. Once the plug has been pulled, the product is ready to be used.

Is this product safe to be used inside a home with children or pets?
We always recommend placing these bait stations in areas inaccessible by children or pets such as inside kitchen cabinets or under appliances.

How do ants evacuate the bait station?
Ants will crawl out of the same hole they entered to carry the bait back to the colony to share with other worker ants and the Queen.

Does this product also kill fire ants?
Amdro Kills Ants Liquid Ant Bait can be used on a variety of sweet eating ants, but fire ants will not be attracted to the liquid bait. We recommend using Amdro Fire Ant Bait granules for the control of fire ants.


Acrobat ants, Argentine ants, Big-headed ants, Ghost ants, Cornfield ants, Crazy ants, Little Black ants, Odorous house ants, Pavement ants, White-footed ants, and other sweet eating ants