Wolf spiders get their name because they hunt and ambush their prey — like wolves — rather than building webs like other spiders. When mature, these fast-moving spiders measure up to 2 inches long, not counting their legs. Depending on the species, wolf spiders range in color from black and dark gray to brown and tan striped. Though large and hairy, wolf spiders are less than half the size of slow-moving tarantulas

Female wolf spiders carry their egg sacs with them. When eggs hatch, the spiderlings ride on their mother's body for several weeks as they mature. Homeowners sometimes mistake wolf spiders for venomous brown recluse spiders. But brown recluse spiders typically grow just 1/2 inch long and have a distinctive violin-shaped marking right behind their heads. Wolf spiders can bite, but they rarely do.


Without telltale nests or stationary egg sacs, wolf spiders often go undetected in homes. Usually found in basements and crawl spaces, they rarely venture above ground level. They do their hunting at night but occasionally surprise an unfortunate homeowner during the day. Wolf spiders feed on crickets and other insect pests, sometimes leaving debris from their prey behind.


Effective wolf spider control means stopping these creatures before they enter your home. Inspect your foundation and seal any potential entry points. Residual treatments that keep protecting after application help ensure wolf spiders don't breach your walls. Amdro brand offers several highly effective products to kill wolf spiders by contact and keep protecting your home:

  • Amdro Quick Kill Outdoor Insect Killer, available in ready-to-spray and concentrate formulas, works in minutes to kill wolf spiders by contact. Then it keeps working for up to three months. Use these products to treat lawns, trees, shrubs and flower gardens. You can even treat your home's foundation up to a height of 3 feet.
  • Amdro Quick Kill Home Perimeter Insect Killer Granules create a barrier of protection around your home's perimeter to stop wolf spiders before they get inside. The easy-to-use granules come in a shaker container that keeps application quick and simple. Applied as directed, this product even penetrates mulch and straw to kill wolf spiders by contact. Then it keeps protecting your perimeter for up to three months.
  • Amdro Quick Kill Ant & Spider Killer Granules offer a convenient way to treat smaller areas around your home. Use the resealable shaker bag to apply the ready-to-use granules, then water lightly to release the active ingredient. This fast-acting, deep-reaching product kills wolf spiders by contact and keeps protecting for up to three months.


Wolf spiders sometimes enter homes in late summer and fall in search of places to overwinter. Leaf debris provides easy hiding places, so keep your foundation debris-free.

Always read product labels and follow the instructions carefully

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