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Amdro Mouse Trap

When mice invade your home, you need a solution fast. Amdro Mouse Trap is the safer, cleaner solution to effectively kill mice quickly. Unlike traditional snap traps, this innovative product kills mice without a mess and no risk of snapped fingers. This reusable trap kills up to 12 mice without poison or chemicals.

  • Kills quickly without poison
  • Unique mess-free design
  • No snapped fingers
  • Kills 12 mice

What it Controls


When To Use

When mice or signs of mice first appear

Where To Use


How To Use

Place bait in bait tray, load the ring and place against a wall.


Does this product kill mice instantly?
Yes, this product kills mice within seconds.

What type of bait should I use with the trap?
We recommend using peanut butter, cheese spreads or cubes, or hazelnut spread as a bait for your trap.

Is there a temperature limit for when I shouldn’t apply the product?
We don't recommend using in freezing temperatures as it may reduce trap effectiveness.

How do I dispose of the dead mouse?
With Amdro Mouse Traps, the mouse dies outside the trap. Wear gloves and place the dead mouse in a sealable plastic bag. Once sealed, dispose of it in the garbage.

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Product Labels & SDS

Product Labels & SDS

Amdro Mouse Trap Label